Current Projects

Documentary / Product Information / Community Outreach / Branding

TCT Federal Credit Union

TCT has been a client for several years. Initially we were hired to create a couple short stories about who they are, which received a lot of positive feedback, including from the Federal Credit Union Agency. The next project was bigger. They asked if we could make a historical documentary about the credit union. After three years of work, we have produced a feature film, that’s just under two hours. We are continuing our relationship and currently produced four videos on the subject of the scholarship awards they gave out, as well as a Pilot for a “Teacher of the week Award”, which features teachers who have won the award. Speaking of awards, a TCT Federal Credit Union video, I recently created won a bronze Telly award!

"When you see the finished product, it’s well worth it."
Curt Cecala - CEO TCT Federal Credit Union

Branding / Television advertising / Social Media / Recruitment

LUX Companies

Harry Lux and Faltskog Productions have been working together for over half a decade. Mr. Lux owns three companies and he recognized the need for a video presence, both on television and social media. The goal was to create a media campaign that would make a connection with customers, so they understand how they operate differently from other companies who offer the same service. Mr. Lux has seen a positive ROI and continues to increase his advertising budget so he can add recruiting, training and customer informational videos to his media strategy.

"You’re really creative, very capable, you listen well, you think on your feet and that’s a huge asset."
Harry Lux - President Black Magic Chimney Sweeps